About the family

About your familly

Moving abroad is a big step for a family. Not knowing where you’re going can be scary, even for adults. So it is important to let the whole family know about the process and reassure the children regarding the move to another country.

Activmoving has listed a series of questions that you might have to address and for which you may have to take action for:

Their questions about the move :

– Why do we have to leave?

– Can I bring all of my things and toys?

– How will my toys travel?

– Why don’t we bring the house with us?

Question related with a new place :

– Will I have a bedroom?

– Why can’t my friends come too?

– When will I get my things back?

– Do they speak the same language over there?

– Will I have to go to a new school?

Tips :

Packing your furniture and your personal belongings is an important step in your international move process, which is why Activmoving offers plenty of advice to make it easier.

before getting started :

It is recommended to identify the fragile objects. These will need special care and careful packing. Dishes, video games, screens, knick-knacks and small appliances all need specific packing.

Then make sure you have all the appropriate equipment to be able to wrap up your furniture in the best conditions.

List of essensials :

– Bubble wrap

– Labels

– Large duct tape

– Moving boxes 

Preparing the boxes

First you need to fold down the smaller box tabs. Then fold over the two larger tabs without    overlapping them with the smaller ones. Put duct tape along the gaps of the box, and make it go up the sides. Then put one or two more pieces of tape over the first one to reinforce the box.