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Activmoving offers « door-to-door » services in packages. Our expertise helps you with your move every step of the way.

International Moves

An international move is a big step, and can be tricky, so every detail has to be looked at.


Our teams can give you tips and advice to make packing and unpacking that much easier.

International moving service – Activmoving

Activmoving is known in the international moving industry for its professionalism. We focus on planning, organization, communication and a thorough follow-up of every move. We help with moves to and from France.

Proud members of :

IMC : International Mobility Conference

IMC is a Hong Kong based organization that groups together moving companies from all over the world that have the same service quality standards and expertise with international moves. Our strong partnerships between the group members ensure the same quality service all across the world..

MoversPOE : réseau international de déménageurs

MOVERSPOE is an international moving network based in North America that provides the same quality service standards. The use of the latest technologies ensures ease of communication and service between the acting members across the world..

Fédération Française des déménageurs

The French Society of Movers (FFD Fédération Française des Déménageurs) is a professional union about movers and moving. This union – in France – does legal reviews and defends rights as well as material and moral interests of companies offering moving services. The FFD ensures the quality of the move to its members..