Easy international removals

Easy international move

For an easy international move, the secret is preparation.

Moving and especially moving abroad is a long and complex process ! That is why Activmoving offers a set of documents that will make easier both your move and the administrative procedures you have to deal with.

Tool that may be usfull :

– Currency converter

– Find all the practical information to succesfully move

– Find all the details about your destination

– time and time zone

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs contact

– directory of Embassies and Consulates

– Translation service

Online forms that will make your life easier :

Making a checklist will ensure you are not forgetting anything ! Do not lose more time, Activmoving listed all the things you have to take care of before moving abroad.

For an easy international move, 3 months before the departure :

– If you are tenant, make sure you send your lessor a notice !

– Check out for the nurseries and schools that will be nearby your future residence

– Ask for your passports, visas and permits

– Take note of the different reglementations of your host country

– Check out the quarantine formalities for your pets

– Inform your general practitionner of your departure

1 month before the departure :

– Notify your departure to your employer

– Ask your employer whether if he can take in charge your move or not

– Check out the administrative procedure with your bank

– Ask about your new place of living (neighborhood, associations, activities…)

– List your belongings, sort your personal effects 

Few weeks before the departure :

– Do not forget to cncel your gas and electricity subscriptions and also your press, phone and internet subscriptions

– Inform the concerned services of your upcoming move (mutual fund, tax office, insurance…)

– Make a detailed inventory list of your belongings for the customs…

– Check out the vaccine reglementations in your host country

– Put aside the luggages you will carry yourself

– Book a parking permit to facilitate the loading 

– Label your cartons