How far in advance should you plan an international move

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Moving your family, life, and pets always takes some time and planning ahead, and sometimes it takes professional help – movers. That may sound stressful, but it really doesn’t need to be. It’s all about preparation, especially if you are moving somewhere far away.  Therefore, it’s essential to think ahead and plan an international move. If you take our advice, this can be a unique and fun adventure.

Of course, sometimes life happens, and you have to move in a hurry. But there is no need to worry. There is a way to do this like a pro, too.

A stack of passports, symbolizing how to plan an international move


Check the dates on all passports. This is one of the priorities when you have to plan an international move.

Is an international move possible during covid 19?

Yes, there might be a horrible global pandemic, but the world has not stopped.

You will need your CPR test for most countries, and you might need to be vaccinated. Other than that, you should be fine. Borders are reopening slowly but surely. The issue you will have to accept for now is that the process of moving can be slower, but if you choose the right movers, they will do their job, global pandemic or not.

If you are flying, make sure you stay safe, take good care of your health, follow medical advice and legal restrictions like avoiding gathering in groups, and of course, minimize contact with unfamiliar people

How much time do you need to prepare for an international move?

Best case scenario? Three months. That’s all the time you need to prepare and plan an international move. It is an ideal time frame to prepare your family, make some critical decisions, and stay on top of everything like a pro.

However, keep in mind that you might need even more than three months because visa and paperwork might take more time due to the pandemic.

Wondering where to start?

First things first, you will need visas, insurance policies, and you must ensure that you and your family have valid passports.

 Next on the list is the doctor. Make sure you check with your doctor if you need any additional vaccinations and ask for your and your children’s complete medical history.

The most time-consuming thing on the list is packing. It involves obtaining all the necessary packing materials, decluttering, and deciding what to do with items you will not relocate. Packing systematically is always a good idea because that’s the only way to avoid chaos. Start with the thing you won’t be needing soon and work your way up. Also, think about what you really need and what you can leave behind.

Find out about international driver’s licenses. Some countries will not accept your home country license.

Inform everyone important about your new home address. Make sure you send all the necessary information to your bank too and set up internet banking – it’s the easy way. Cancel all the subscriptions you might have at your old address.

If you have anything to sell, like your car, put it up for sale. Organize yard sale for any home stuff you don’t need to take with you.

The key to a stress-free international move?

All that preparation, paperwork, packing, making sure the kids are ok, switching schools, changing all your habits – this is already overwhelming enough. You do not need extra work, don’t you? The way to feel safe and stress-free when you plan an international move is a full door-to-door service. Professional movers nowadays make our lives so much easier. In situations like this one, we need all the help we can get.

However, we must be confident we are in good competent hands. That’s key. And it will allow us some time for relaxation. During such hectic times, it’s necessary to get your mind off your moving plans for a bit and take some time for you and your family to relax and get some fun time too. And don’t forget to include your pets in those activities as they can feel the stress too.

One of the things you must do to ensure you hire a reliable moving company is go online and read as many moving reviews as you can. If anything sounds like a red flag, move on to the next company. And once your relocation is over, don’t hesitate to express your opinion about your service provider. Others who find themselves in a similar situation like you will appreciate it.

A dog in a cardboard moving box

Pets can also be overwhelmed when moving; dogs are usually more adaptable because they will be happy as long as they are with you.

How do you plan to travel?

That probably depends on where you plan to move and how much stuff you plan to take with you. For instance, if you are moving to France, you may want to ship your belongings on a boat, and you and your family can enjoy a plane ride with just a carry-on. Talk with your moving professionals about all the options.

Of course, if you want to save some money, chose sea freight as it tends to be cheaper than air freight, but it takes longer. You need to decide what is more important for you – saving some money or your time. Ask your movers about all the options and costs; they are the ones with the best advice as it is their job to work in your best interest.

What to do if the kids are not happy about your international move?

This is pretty common. Kids don’t want to move away from their friends, school, a favorite park, and everything they know. They might even throw some tantrums. And it is ok; they are just expressing their emotions. What could help with this is planning a going-away party. Also, show your kids they can still stay in touch with their friends using Skype or FaceTime. Excite them, show them all the fun places near your new home. Is there an amusement park near your neighborhood? All this should help, but remember, they will quickly find new friends. And your kids will probably adapt sooner than you think.

Moreover, kids are not the only ones who can be sad to leave the old place. Change can be tough even when it’s planned. And adults often have more difficulty adjusting than children. Therefore, you have to give yourself time to adapt.


Moving day!

When the moving day finally arrives, make sure you have your checklist? While this will be the most stressful day, keep in mind that, soon, this will be just another adventure for you and your family. During the hectic time, make sure you stay safe. It’s essential to follow the protective measure that will keep you, your family, and your movers safe from the virus. Moreover, remember that accidents tend to happen when we run around all day. So, be extra careful.

A man carrying a box

Your safety is priority today. You don’t want to hurt your back while carrying all those boxes.

Finally, don’t forget to breathe. Relax. You got this! You have done everything to prepare well and plan an international move to the last detail. Now is the time to say goodbye to your old place. Take one last picture, check that your passports and medical documents are with you. and close the door behind you. Safe travels.