How to fast track your visa application

How to fast track your visa application

Are you thinking about moving to the US? This may very well be one of the finest decisions you’ve ever made. After all, international moving means plenty of opportunities; and when it’s the US we’re talking about, that’s even truer. But even if you just want to travel there – let’s face it, you’ll have quite a lot to do. The process of getting into the country is not always straightforward. For example, sometimes your business or travel schedule will interfere with your visa approval process. So, in that case – how do you fast track your visa application? Don’t worry – we’ve got some useful advice for you on that very subject.


Can I fast track my visa application at all?

Of course, the million dollar question is – can you fast track your visa application in the first place? If you’re having any scheduling issues, you aren’t sure that your local US embassy will want to help you out. Well, the good news is – you don’t have to wonder about that. As it turns out, the people working in the consulate or the embassy don’t decide about this on their own. In fact, there are strict rules and guidelines when it comes to visa interviews. And we’ve got some tips and advice regarding those rules for you.

First of all, the good news – there is the option of having an expedited appointment for your visa interview. But while that option does exist, you should know – not everyone gets it. In order for this to happen, you actually need to fulfill a certain set of criteria. So, make sure you learn if you’re even eligible for an expedited visa appointment before you count on it as a certainty.

You can get an expedited appointment in case of a medical emergency

As we’ve mentioned, there are certain types of situations and reasons that may allow you to fast track your visa application. Of course, it’s not just any reason – wanting to move to Sanford quickly and efficiently, or having a girlfriend in Texas isn’t enough. So, what is? On the very top of the list, there’s a very logical reason – medical emergencies. It’s not unexpected, really – there aren’t many emergencies as urgent as medical ones. So, if you have some sort of medical predicament, you’ll probably get an expedited appointment with no issues. Still, even if this is the case – you need to provide your local US embassy with hard evidence that you have a medical emergency.

First of all, you will need to present a letter from your local doctor in your home country, explaining your condition. And more importantly – detailing why you need to find treatment in the US. On top of that – you’ll need a letter from a hospital or a doctor in the US as well. Within this letter, they will have to indicate that they’re willing to accept your case and give an estimate on treatment costs. Finally, you’ll have to procure proof of how you’re planning on paying these costs.

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An undelayable business trip is also a good reason

On the other hand, there may be other reasons you need to travel to the United States as quickly as possible. For example, an urgent business trip is probably enough grounds to fast track your visa application. But bear in mind – this isn’t true for just any business-related travel. In this case, we’re talking about a business trip you couldn’t have predicted in advance and started the visa process on time. Also, it’s a trip you can’t delay. So, for example – while storage facilities in NC can provide you with some extra space, renting them is not the kind of business deal that will get you an expedited visa.

As in the other cases, you can’t just expect the consulate or the embassy to take your word for it. Which is why you have to provide evidence of your claims. In this situation, you’ll need to obtain a letter from a company in the US which would describe the purpose of your trip. Also, it needs to contain an explanation for why the trip can’t be delayed. It helps to mention that the US-based firm or your own company would suffer losses if you don’t get an expedited appointment. While US embassies won’t just make exceptions for anyone, they certainly don’t want to impede economic growth.

Students may be approved for an expedited interview

Finally, if you’re a student who is about to begin studying at a school in the United States
– have no fear! You are among the people who get an expedited interview, if needed. So, you can definitely fast track your visa application, if you have a valid reason. And, if you’re a student or just an exchange student who will be spending a semester in the US – you qualify! Of course, there’s a catch. As a matter of fact, this only applies to students whose school program in the US is starting within 60 days, while no ordinary visa appointments are available.

Actually applying for the appointment

We know what you must be wondering about. If you do qualify to fast track your visa application.
How do you actually do it? At the end of the day, this process is not very complicated by itself :

  • Paying the fee: For starters, you need to pay your visa application fee. Also, bear in mind: if you pay online, you can actually schedule your interview right away.

  • Completing the forms: Once you’ve made the payment, you need to complete an  online form. This is where you’ll be entering your personal details. It’s nothing too complicated, so you shouldn’t have much trouble here.

  • Scheduling an appointment: Okay, now you need to contact the embassy and schedule  a date for your visa interview. Bear in mind though – you need to schedule an  appointment for the earliest date possible. And only then can you ask to fast track your visa application; asking for an expedited appointment is something you do afterward.