How to pack to save space when moving

packed brown bag sitting next to a white chair on the wooden floor.

Moving is a process that demands a lot of organization and task completion. It causes everyone stress and anxiety no matter how experienced one may be in moving. One of the main and most difficult tasks of your move is packing. The biggest challenges with packing are time and space. We all try to save as much time as possible. Nevertheless, we try even more to save space when moving. The bad news is that this task is not avoidable. However, the good news is that there are techniques that can help you accomplish this goal.

Why should you do your best to save space when moving?

There are multiple benefits of packing economically and using the least space possible. On every moving checklist, you will encounter tasks such as packing, hiring movers and purchasing packing materials. Trying to minimize space when relocating can help you with all the mentioned tasks. By saving space you will very likely save time while packing. Your moving load will be smaller which will translate to less money being spent on movers and possible round trips for transportation. Last but not least, you will save a nice bundle of cash on packing materials. So, let’s see how you can get this accomplished.

Declutter your home before you even start packing

Before you start thinking about finding just the right boxes for your move and purchasing other packing supplies, get organized and get rid of unneeded junk. Packing techniques are very important. Still, nothing can save space when moving like not having the need to pack at all. You might think that this is just common sense. It sure is, but you would be surprised how many people skip this important step during their move.

What to do when decluttering?

Go through your stuff and make piles of things that you will take. Also, make piles of things that you can donate or sell and items that need to be tossed.  Do a good deed and donate your old clothing and blankets to Goodwill. Help those less fortunate. Bank some good karma for your move. On the other hand, you can also organize a little yard sale. A little extra cash never hurt anybody.

Utilize your drawers

Some furniture pieces will need to be emptied before getting transported. Nevertheless, this is not always a must. Go through your drawers and feel free to leave light and unbreakable things in them. This is an excellent way to steal some valuable space during your moving preparations. Still, don’t be too nonchalant with what you leave inside. Thoroughly go through your things. You don’t want to see a big mess and broken items once you arrive at your new home. Once you have determined what can stay and what needs to go, secure drawers and don’t remove tape until you arrive at your final stop. This way, you will protect the items in drawers and keep the furniture from getting damaged.

Don’t let your travel suitcase travel empty

This is another thing that is a part of your common sense. But, when moving and while you are overwhelmed, you are likely to forget little details like these that can help you save space when moving. It is true that suitcases shouldn’t be utilized for packing electronics and similar items. Yet, it is a great option for packing things that are on the heavier side. For instance, books are great items to be packed in a suitcase. Sort them by size and then pack them. If there is some extra space don’t let it go to waste. Fill it up with socks or clothing items. The best part about packing suitcases is that they so often have little wheels installed on the bottom, which makes it convenient for transport.

Don’t pack, but protect

This space-saving hack might be one of the most practical ways to save space when moving. Naturally, you must protect your belonging when moving. To do this you would need to buy some very expensive packing supplies. While packing paper is not expensive, bubble wrapping material and other packing materials are. To minimize this expense and save room in your boxes, use the stuff you already have to protect your belongings. Rags, linens, and shirts can be used to protect smaller fragile items. Large towels and blankets can be used for bulkier things like furniture and some electronics.

Vacuumed seal bags can be your space-saving BFF during your move

Large, soft and bulky items are a real space killer when packing for a move. That is where vacuumed seal bags can come into play. With these special bags you can easily pack pillows, winter coats and other items that take up a lot of space, but must come with you to your new home. Once the air starts getting sucked out of the bags, you will be blown away by how much space you will save. They will substantially shrink. Consequently, you will need to purchase and move fewer boxes.

The great thing about vacuum cleaners is that all of them can fit in sucking out the air from your vacuum bags

You don’t have to do it on your own, hire professional to have your back

The best thing that you can do for your sanity is to hire professional movers to relocate you to your new place. Of course, these services do not come cheap. Yet, nothing is worth you stressing out and losing your hair over something like moving. Many professional moving companies have the option of packing and unpacking. Since moving professionals are very experienced they can pack for you in an efficient manner. So, you will be saving money and valuable space at the same time. It sounds like a great combo if you ask me. For those that still haven’t found movers that they can trust and hire for their move, you can contact experienced companies such as Easy Move KW.

It might take time and effort, but you can do it

In the end, be certain that there is not one person that dealt with a move without breaking a sweat. Being overwhelmed, overworked and stressed is, unfortunately, part of your moving package. However, by preparing in time and using tricks like our hacks on how to save space when moving, you can help yourself have a smoother and less stressful move. Just remember to take a deep breath when you fall into a rut and push true. Once you are done it will be all well worth the trouble.