Move preparation

Move preparation

The task list

Planning an international relocation can be stressful. Therefore, people often to overlook a few important tasks. Avoid this common moving mistake by writing down a pre-departure task list.  Keep it in a visible place and easily reachable. Additional tasks will cross your mind along the way. Therefore make sure you don’t leave anything undone.

Tasks like informing your bank and utility and phone providers about the move should be at the very top of your task list. Booking your ticket in advance is, also, a high priority task.  Make sure your friends, family, and clients know about your move as well..

a checklist uss for a better move preparation
Moving away from home, with class, can also include a farewell party. The party will give you an opportunity to say goodbye to all of your friends and family while having fun. Also, as you will be able to say goodbye to everyone at the same time, devoting one day to the party may also save you time. 

How to pack when moving abroad ?

Packing is usually not an easy task for anyone moving abroad. Deciding on which items you need to relocate while having enough packing space can be tricky. People often get emotional during the packing day. Emptying your closets and cabinets will make you realize you are moving away. However, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed during the packing by creating a detailed packing list. 

Keep your breakables safe by investing in quality packing supplies

Avoid relocating anything you don’t need or use. Arriving at a new city with too many boxes and bags will make the settling-in process much more difficult. Therefore make sure you pack for your new home, not the old one. 

packing well builded for a better relocation

Avoid over packing by dividing your belongings into 4 piles: 
•    Pack

•   Donate/Give away/ Sell

•    Trash

•   Store                                                

International relocations like moving to Kuwait City from abroad will mean you need to leave some of your possessions behind. If you are moving out of your parents’ house it will be easy to just leave anything you don’t need. However, if you are moving your entire home to a new country consider renting out a storage unit. You can also keep your furniture and other belongings safe by asking your friends and family to hold on to them for a while. 

Packing supplies

Quality packing material is crucial for keeping your belongings safe during the move. Therefore, make sure you gather and buy multi-layered cardboard boxes. Your local grocery stores will be a great source for gathering free boxes. If you hire a professional moving company you might be able to rent a few moving crates. Keep your breakables and valuables safe by using packing wraps and packaging peanuts