Moving during the holidays – is it a smart move to make?

Red Christmas tree decorations against a snowy background, representing moving during the holidays.

If you’ve ever relocated somewhere new in your life, you probably know one thing – moving is often quite hard. After all, we’re talking about a big life decision and a huge change. If we’re realistic, we’ll conclude that this sort of thing isn’t very simple to plan out. There are a lot of different things to handle and do; you really need to have impeccable timing on this one. And if you’re going to be moving during the holidays; all of this goes double. But is that a good idea in the first place? Don’t worry – we’re here to give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons.

Should You Do It

Though you’re probably aware of this already, we’ll give it another mention – proper timing is absolutely essential to a successful relocation. With that in mind, deciding when you’re going to do it is a big call to make. And something you don’t want to do on a whim! Keeping that in mind, though; how do you pick the right time? Trust us, we know how tough that is. You’ve probably got a job to think about as well, and if you’re thinking about moving during the holidays; a lot of your valuable free time will go down the drain because of move preparations.

So, how do you pick the best possible time for the relocation? And is doing it during the holiday season a sound call or a stupid idea? As with most things in life, it’s not black and white; there are many pros and cons to keep in mind.

The Weather Might Be An Issue

Okay, if you’re moving abroad, you’re probably going to be taking only a few things and moving by plane. But if you’ll be moving overland, there’s something else to take into account – the weather. Sure, this might look like an obvious thing to some people; but you’d be surprised how many forget to consider it. When you need to drive on snowy and icy roads, it’s a real drag; so you can imagine how difficult this is for a truckful of household items.

A Santa Claus figurine on a frozen tree.

Possible Delays

Plus, the winter is something to keep in mind when hiring storage services as well; they need to be equipped to preserve your things in cold temperatures. Also, you need to be prepared for looser schedules than during other seasons. The traffic jams that the holiday migrations pose are further amplified by bad weather; so you should always plan for your moving truck possibly being late. And on moving day, you need to stack up on snacks and winter clothing; you never know where you might get stuck. Plus, if you’re going to be relocating from a warm climate to a wintery one; make sure you’ve bought all of the prerequisite supplies on time.

More Moving Stress

As anyone who’s ever moved can tell you, relocating can be a stressful ordeal. And let’s not forget that the holidays are generally a stressful time as well. Most people do a lot of introspection during the holidays; which is when we think about all of the stuff in our lives that we wouldn’t mind changing. That’s the biggest reason why people are stressed out as Christmas approaches, no matter if they’re relocating or not.

Cinnamon sticks and nuts on a wooden ornate surface.

When we take a look at the other side of the coin, we realize that moving is also a stressful time in and of itself. After all, you’re relocating the entirety of your life to a completely new area. There’s no question about it: if these two periods overlap, you’re looking at quite an anxious time. Though, if you have this in mind, and start planning everything out on time – you should be able to keep calm and soldier through it. Just make a proper moving checklist well enough in advance, and you should be fine. Plus, if you hire a moving company, there will be much less work for you to do personally anyway.

Less Holiday Pressure

Naturally, there are some positive sides to moving during the holidays as well. For one – there won’t be as much holiday pressure on you, seeing as you’ll spend most of your time dealing with the relocation-related stuff. And sure, moving stress will definitely be an issue too; but the holiday-related anxiety will be much lower. Let’s be honest; when you’re packing everything in your household, you won’t be too concerned with who has the finest holiday decorations on your street.

Christmas decorations and gifts on a wooden surface.

Plus, when it comes to family gatherings, there are bound to be quite a few during the holidays. However, do you really want to attend all of them? In reality, most people would rather avoid some of those – and with a relocation coming up fast, you’ve got the perfect excuse! Do you want to miss out on the office Christmas party? Moving is a great alibi.

People Will Help You Out

One of the best things about the holidays is the fact that everyone is more pleasant, festive, and generally a better person to others. Because of that, everyone will be far more prone to helping you out than they normally would! If you ask your family members and friends for some help regarding the relocation, they will probably be very keen on helping you out. And if you’re going to be moving during the holidays, make no mistake – you’ll need quite a lot of help to get through it all easily.