Moving in Europe and around the World​

Moving to Europe or around the world is an important and delicate step during which every detail must be considered.
We have more than a hundred referenced agents in the various destination countries that will handle your belongings with care during your installation into your new home.
We only use wrapping materials that meet the safety requirements, according to the international standards :

Triple wall cartons are suitable for every item (dinnerware, lamps, lampshades, wardrobes…)

In order to protect your furnitures, we use American blankets that are specific to air and maritime freight

Paintings, pianos, marbles or other fragile items are put into tough and made-to-measure wooden crates, made by specialized carpentry workshops

Our road network and air or maritime partners are selected upon their reliability. For each move abroad, we implement solutions that meet your needs.

– Air freight is the ideal solution for small shipments. The goods are picked up from your residence in door-to-door service and then packed for air freight before the shipping. Activmoving also handles customs formalities, upon departure and arrival. This solution allows us to have access to your furnitures and luggages in a very short time, after the arrival abroad/in France, but it requires a higher budget.

– Maritime freight is suitable for big moves abroad. You can move all your furnitures and belongings whatever the distance is ! Appropriate for big volumes and vehicle transportation, this solution is particularly suitable for long-term expatriations. Depending on the volume moved, the packing of your personal effect may require 1 to 3 days of preparation before loading, this formula allows a good mastery of moving time to abroad with its weekly departures. It requires a medium budget.

– Road transport is proposed in case you are driven to move abroad, in particular to European countries. This solution offers access to all the services proposed by Activmoving. This moving mode is used for every volume and weight and requires a short amount of time before the arrival to your new residence. It enables to move voluminous items aswell as smaller ones