Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak

a guy wearing a facemask and protecting himself from coronavirus

Moving internationally is currently delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Moving abroad is a challenge and can be very difficult under any circumstance. However, at the moment, we are all facing a challenge that we couldn’t have anticipated. In the past month or so, we started being familiar with a virus named COVID-19, but also known as coronavirus. It seems like almost overnight, the outbreak of this vicious virus has turned into a global pandemic. Consequently, this situation has affected many everyday activities all over the world. One of them is international relocation. As you might expect, moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak is far from straightforward. So, we are here to lend a friendly hand in terms of much-needed information and well-deserved support.

We must understand what we are up against

To protect ourselves and to make smart decisions it is very important to know what we are fighting against. One of the biggest challenges in fighting this disease is that you can’t see it and you cannot feel it. That is why it is difficult to protect ourselves and our families. Since COVID-19 has been spreading globally, moving to another continent is more challenging than ever before. The virus originated in China and yet, with the speed of lightning, it has spread globally, endangering many lives.

Since lives are at stake, one of the ways to prevent the spreading of this virus is to put a veto on all international traveling. Currently, most countries have stopped international transport. The exception is for emergency purposes like transportation of medical equipment and similar items. This is one of the main reasons why moving internationally will be postponed.

illustration of social distancing drawn on pieces of paper, with residents staying in little houses

Practice social distancing and keep your family and other families around you safe

How does coronavirus spread?

This virus seems to be spreading very easily, and people are advised to practice social distancing. Consequently, because of such needs for protection, traveling between the majority of countries has been stopped by their governments. Therefore, moving to France or any other country will not be happening for now. Since we aren’t doctors but experts in a different sphere, we urge you to do extensive research on how to protect yourself and your family.

Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak, even if it wasn’t prohibited, could put you at great risk. Of course, this might be disappointing, since you invested so much of yourself into this upcoming move. However, when looking at the bigger picture, it will be clear that your priorities are in check.

Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak and cross-state traveling

Since we cannot travel internationally, it is very clear that moving internationally isn’t an option, either. It is a bummer, especially since you finally mastered all the guides for international moving. Still, you shouldn’t feel like you have wasted your valuable time. Once the pandemic is over and things go back to normal, you will be able to use everything you so diligently learned. In the past two weeks, governments all over the world have shut down international traveling. Everything from airports, bus stations, train stations, and seaports have locks put on them. Sadly, there is currently no specific timeline predicted on how long this embargo on international traveling will last.

Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak: girl at an airport looking at flight schedules.

Most airports used for international traveling are closed. Opening dates are not yet available

Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak and international shipping

The situation in the shipping departments internationally is not looking so bright as well. There are currently two options. First, depending on the country, the shipments are totally stopped. There are no packages coming in or out of the country unless specifically approved by the government. A second possible scenario is a tremendous delay with shipments. The difficulties within international shipping are just another reason why moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak is at a standstill.

Be mindful and stay protected

There are many different things that occupy our lives. Moving internationally is just one thing that we juggle during our busy days. However, all of that takes a back seat when we feel that the wellbeing of our family is at stake. Pressing pause on your international move is one great way to protect yourself and your family from being exposed to COVID-19.

Also, while you are waiting for your international moving to come into play again and your visa application to go through, take other protection measures besides not traveling. We already mentioned social distancing as one of them. In other words, leave your home and interact with others only when it is absolutely necessary. Use gloves and facemasks for protection when leaving your home. And of course, keep your hygiene at the highest level possible

a baby hand holding on to an adult's finger.

In these unfortunate times, there is something to be used to our advantage

When will it be possible to move abroad once again?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this often-asked question. For the move to be possible all countries must lift their veto on international traveling and visitors coming into their country. Thus, this ends up being a question that might need to be country-specific. Right now, China seems to be the only country were the COVID-19 issue is dying down. Other countries across the globe are putting in serious effort to contain the virus and save their residents. With any luck, every country will follow China’s path very soon.

When life goes back to normal…

We all wish for this moment to come sooner than later. The majority of industries on a global scale have been negatively affected by the pandemic. The moving industry and international shipping are no exception. Local companies, like U. Santini Moving and Storage NYC are very eager to have their business up and running once again. There is no uncertainty that we will all, in some way, be affected by this current situation. The delay of moving internationally is just one of many things that we had to adjust in our life. If your move was already booked and taken care of, contact your moving specialist and ask them about procedures.

Stay safe and look forward to your future international move

Realistically speaking, this brutal virus outbreak will not last forever. Optimistically speaking, it might be over in a few months or even weeks. It largely depends on our discipline as individuals within our community. In the meantime, pessimism and worrying in advance should have a place in your home. Moving internationally amid the coronavirus outbreak shouldn’t be on your mind at the moment. Spend well-earned time with your loved ones and look forward to you moving internationally. Hopefully, your move will be back on track in the near future.