Moving to Brazil

Moving to Brazil

Samba, football, and beautiful beaches. It is so easy to fall in love in Brazil. Someone once said that Brazilians have such a joy of life, unlike any other nation in the World. And, that is probably the best way to describe this amazing country with a colorful culture and rich history. Moving to Brazil will be an amazing and life-changing adventure.

Relocating abroad gives you an opportunity to get to know another culture by becoming a part of it. Being a part of such a diverse culture like Brazilian will create many opportunities as well. Even though packing your bags and rushing to the airport and towards a fresh start is tempting, an international relocation from Europe should be a well-planned process. Therefore, make sure you created a detailed moving plan by following a few simple steps from this article.

Reason for moving to Brazil

Whether you are moving to Brazil due to career, education or travel opportunities, we suggest you get to know the country itself prior to the move. As amazing as Brazil can be, moving abroad, however, always includes a few cultural shocks. Therefore, when moving abroad you must be flexible and willing to adapt to the new environment. 

Besides the cultural adjustments and preparations for living in a foreign country, relocating to Brazil will require additional moving tasks. Therefore, start planning ahead. Besides this, you will need professional help. An international move takes time and energy and it is practically impossible to do everything on your own.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for moving Brazil at a glance :

  • The people and culture. – Brazilians are friendly and after relocating you will feel like a part of a big family rather than an expat. Samba being so popular states more than just the country’s favorite rhythm. People of Brazil live like they dance. passionately and with great joy. Therefore, fun events like carnivals are a great occasion to meet new friends and mingle.

  • Beautiful nature. – With more than 7000 km of a coastline with white sandy beaches, relocating to Brazil will let you have an outdoorsy lifestyle and enjoy the nature.

  • Diversity is the very first thing you will notice after moving to Brazil. – Brazil is a melting point of different nations from all around the World. The diversity is something you will be able to see around you all the time. From the people, you meet to the various food options.

  • The healthcare and economy. – For all permanent residents, public healthcare is free. Brazil, also, it the last few decades has a steadily growing economy.

  • The educational system. –  Higher education is free for both domestic and foreign students at most of state and federal universities.

Relocating to Brazil - The moving plan

One of the best tips for an easy move we can provide you with is to start planning as soon as possible. Keep in mind that international moves take time and preparations. Moving tasks like applying for a visa and gathering all the necessary paperwork and documents can take from a few days up to a few months. Therefore, make sure you start preparing as early as possible.  In order to stay organized while planning, create a personalized moving checklist by following a few simple steps :

  • Get familiar with visa regulations and requirements. 
  • Find a reliable international moving company.
  • Create a packing plan.
  • Keep track of all pre-departure moving tasks.

Do you need a visa for moving to Brazil?

If staying for longer than 90 days in Brazil, you will probably need a visa. Applications are done through a Brazilian embassy. As there are a few different types of visas you might be eligible for, make sure you get familiar with the application process in advance.

When moving your home to foreign country you might need some additional permits and licenses. It all may vary due to the different items you want to bring to your new home. In order to avoid any moving mistakes, make sure you find reliable online sources.

The best way to make an informed decision is to contact a reputable mover from the country you are moving to. If you are looking to move your family home to Brazil, make sure you know what kind of a mover you need and how to pick the best moving company for your relocation. We suggest you pay a visitto this page: . Moving experts fromBrazil will provide you with important pieces of information about your international move.Therefore, make sure you also visit their blogs and double-check the info.

Should you hire a moving company ?

A DIY move may sound like a cheaper solution. However, having a professional mover to deal with each step of your relocation may save you much valuable time.  International moving companies will be able to conduct your move safely and according to your timeline. Therefore, make sure you evaluate the pros and cons of this decision.

The packing and unpacking plan

In order to make the packing process as stress-free as possible, create an inventory. Keep in mind that lowering the overall size of your move will cut the expenses. Therefore, make sure you only relocate the items you need and will use after the relocation. Consider selling or donating the items that don’t make the list. Therefore you will be able to save and earn some money at the same time. As there must be some items you can’t part with,make sure you find safe and secure France storage units. Make sure they offer proper string conditions and will keep your belongings in a mint condition. Make sure you label the boxes properly. Gather high-quality packing supplies in advance. Secure the valuables by using plastic and paper packing wrap. Besides being crucial for keeping your belongings safe, proper packing will ensure you unpack with ease. The unpacking process may be as demanding as the packing one. Therefore, in order to settle in quickly and easy, consider hiring the pros. Professional moving companies in Brazil can help you with any post- moving task like unpacking and storage. For example, One Moving and Logistics Brazil is an international moving company that will be of a great help if you are moving with kids or pets. While you focus on planning your new life, they will take care of your relocation!

Is there anything else?

In order not to overlook any important task when moving to Brazil, create a pre-departure checklist. Canceling your utility bills and subscriptions. Informing your friends, family, and clients about the move. Preparing the documents. Booking plane tickets. Finding the right housing in Brazil. These are all important tasks that should make the beginning of your list.