The ultimate moving checklist

The ultimate moving checklist

It is no big news that moving is challenging, demanding and both physically and mentally exhausting. Anyone who has ever had to relocate knows this pretty well. However, as everything in our lives, this problem has a favorable solution too. The key of a successful move lies in being well-organized, thorough and concentrated when planning this whole process. In addition, there are a lot of tips for an easy move on the internet you might find very useful. 

The beginning of your move always involves the creation of the ultimate moving checklist. It can help you considerably not to forget any of those necessary to-do tasks until you finally settle down at your new address. How to make the ultimate moving checklist and what does it include? We can help you with the subject.

What does the ultimate moving checklist actually include ?

The answer is simple. It includes everything you need to complete to be able to bring the relocation to the end successfully. Not only does it concern all the preparation before the moving day, but also the first few days in your new home as well. Only thus can you be sure that none of the important tasks will be left out or forgotten.

Different categories on the ultimate moving checklist The ultimate moving checklist includes various moving-related errands that we can divide into several different categories. These are:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Packing
  • Paperwork
  • Moving day
  • New home
a hand will right ont a checklist what he need for move

Research related tasks on the ultimate moving checklist

The research category includes the tasks you should start performing just after your decision to move is made final. In other words, we refer to the period of time 2 or 3 months prior to your relocation. The most important tasks in this initial phase are:

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  • Exploring the legal notes concerning your move – This is important if you are moving to another country.

  • Calculating your moving budget – The numbers you get will significantly influence your further moving-related decisions.

  • Searching for reliable moving companies – The reputtion, the range of services and the price should be the key criteria to base your final decision. In addition, organize several in-house estimates and then decide whom you can trust with such a monumental life event asa move.

  • Informing your children about the move –The relocation will affect your children’s lives too.Talk to them and let them tell you their fears and concerns. Your confidence is what they need to remain calm. Should you have any doubts, explore our families FAQ. Maybe you will find the help you need.

Planning tasks on the ultimate moving checklist

Six to eight weeks prior to your move, you can start with some serious planning. If it seems too early to you, you are so wrong. When it comes to relocation, nothing should be done at haste. Thus, time is the luxury you really need to organize everything properly and pay close attention to every aspect of your move. Your planning should include the following activities:

  • Signing the moving contract with the company you have chosen.

  • If you are brave enough to choose a DIY move, contact your reliable helping hands. Checkwhether your friends and family can help you and how many of them you can count on.

  • If you think you will need storage, now is the time to rent it. – Perfect timing can be a realchallenge for the relocation organizers. Very often it happens that you have to move outfrom your current home, but your new home is not ready to move in. Thus, rentingtemporary storage space is the solution you need.

  • Declutter – If you do this well, you can save a considerable amount of money for your move.Hence, start from storage areas. You can even divide the items into four categories: to pack,to sell, to donate and to throw away. The results will be visible soon.


Preparation tasks on the ultimate moving checklist

The preparation stage refers to the period one month before the move. It is the time to prepare packing supplies you will need. Examine the amount of stuff you are taking to the new home and decide how many moving boxes are required. Luckily, you don’t need to buy all of these. Capitalize on the fact that the employees in the local supermarkets, bookstores and liquor stores will be glad to help you by providing you with some free moving boxes. However, pay special attention to your fragile and valuable items. To protect them properly, crating valuable things before moving is a must. Only this way can you be sure that they will arrive safe and sound to the new location.

The time to pack has come!

Believe it or not, packing should start at least three weeks before the move. Understandably, the
first to pack are those items you don’t use regularly. This is the activity that is most important for the
security of your items and, also, the one that will take most of your time. Make sure you label all the
boxes clearly. Indeed, this will make unpacking much less complicated. Plus, when loading boxes
onto the moving truck, your helpers will easily choose the best place for each of the boxes.

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Some paperwork tasks on the ultimate moving checklist are necessary

Nobody likes dealing with paperwork. Unfortunately, it is utterly inevitable when you are moving. This is what you need to handle:

  • Inform your close people and relevant institutions that you are moving.

  • Visit your post office and complete a change of address form.

  • Transfer school and medical records.

  • Handle ongoing subscriptions – either cancel or change them.

  • Arrange the shut-off and turn on of utilities.

What does the ultimate moving checklist say about the moving day?

If you have completed all the previously-listed tasks on the ultimate moving checklist, you will be an observer of the relocation process on the moving day. Make sure nothing is damaged or destroyed. When the last item is loaded onto the moving truck, walk around the house to make sure nothing is forgotten.

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Arrival to your new home – sheer pleasure, isn’t it?

When you finally arrive at your new home, you can relax. The hard work isn’t over yet, though.Remember that all the items you have packed now need to be unpacked! However, you don’t have adeadline. You can work at your own pace and feel the sheer pleasure of having a new home. The lasttasks on your ultimate moving checklist are – pay your movers and tip them if you are satisfied.Having ticked everything on the list, use the opportunity and enjoy.