Things Japanese people learn when they move to France

Things Japanese people learn when they move to France

Moving is almost never easy. There are just so many things that need to be handled. And with a limited amount of time on your hands. But, there is more than one side to this story. And the side we are about to discuss today is something most people forget about once they start preparing for the move. Moving house, and especially moving internationally is a complicated process that has many tasks involved. And it is not only about transporting your items internationally. Moving is so much more. And all the small things that come right before and after you actually move is what makes things so complicated. Packing your belongings and finding a mover – that was the easy part. Everything else can be a hassle. What’s left to do once you pack your items for the big move? Think about your medical records. Or finding a new job. Decorating your new apartment. Yes. Every relocation is a process that has many moving parts. On the other hand, moving house should be something you’ll enjoy in the end. In the following article, we will try to help you prepare for what’s to come once you move. From Japan to France. And get ready – you might be surprised by what you’ll learn about European culture!

Things Japanese people learn when they move to France

#5 Love of debate

Japanese culture places great stress on distinguishing one’s genuine feelings from what one can or will say publicly. In France… Let’s just say that things are pretty different here. French people are everything but shy. People in France will be more than happy to share their feelings, views and beliefs. And no, they are not rude. It is just a normal thing in this part of the world. Nobody is trying to intimidate you, make you feel uncomfortable or act rude. They will tell you their opinion, might roll their eyes at you if you aren’t willing to share yours, and then – life will continue. French people don’t stress much over this matter. One big part of the European culture is speaking your mind, fighting for your place in the world and genuinely having your say in matters. If you decide to keep things as they always were for you, people might take you for an old fashioned person, but things won’t get more serious than that. They just want to hear what you think. That is all. And if you don’t want to share your views, they might not like it, but they will give you your space and respect you for that.

#4 Recycling – not really

One of the things to know before moving from Japan to France is that you won’t have to recycle as much. Recycling in Japan is much more advanced than in France. And it makes sense, because Japan is a country where individually wrapped fruit and sweets are a common sight. In France, things are a bit different. It doesn’t mean that French people don’t care about the planet Earth or ecology. Not at all. But, recycling is just not such a big deal here. When it comes to trash – everything goes in the same plastic bag. Paper, glass, cans.

A woman recycling some plastic

You can keep your recycling habits after moving to France, but it will require some additional effort.

#3 Hygiene

Tokyo seems spotless. More than clean. And especially when compared to a city such as Paris. However, peoples’ homes are a whole other story. French people take great pride in their homes and their presentation. As soon as you move to France and meet new friends, you will be invited to a dinner party or some other similar gathering. French people will prepare you the best meal, serve you the best wine and will do everything that is in their power to make you feel welcome. But, what they pride themselves the most on is actually their homes. Spotless looking apartments in France are a common thing. You might get the impression that your host’s apartment looks like a page from Vogue. And as someone coming from Japan – it might seem like a strange thing. No. Not here. French homes are clean and shiny. Almost always.

#2 Peace and quiet

Tokyo is noisy. Always. There are just so many people everywhere. So much noise and things happening at the same time. Everybody is talking. You can hear music coming from many different directions. It all mixes together. And for someone coming from another country, well it might seem strange. And you will experience that exact feeling once you move to France from Japan. You will be shocked. And not by the amount of noise. But by the amount of peace and quiet you’ll find here. That’s right. Paris might not sound like the quietest place to someone coming from Berlin, London or Madrid, but to a person coming from Japan, it will be a shock. So –prepare yourself.

Japanese street view.

Walking down the street in Japan is much different experience from walking down the street in France.

#1 Europeans are tech-savvy

Japan is always described as a high-tech country, a wonderland of science and innovation that will amaze you. But, if you are coming from Japan, you know that this isn’t a real thing. On the other hand, French people love technology. Always have, and always will. And no, it isn’t all about electrical cars, flying buses and tech items you can expect to see in science fiction movies. It is all about the small things. From central heating, to kitchen appliances. French love comfort and luxury, and will always do everything that is in their power to stay true to these two things. They will invest in all sorts of gadgets and other items that will make their lives easier and help them complete their tasks in a smooth manner. So, when you start exploring ways to have a safe relocation to another continent, start exploring technological differences as well. It might take you some time to get used to it.


Gadgets are a big thing in France.