Things to ask before relocating for a new job

Things to ask before relocating for a new job

A new job is stressful enough. Having to move to a different city, or perhaps even country, to start a new career is ten times harder. This is why you might be struggling to decide how to prepare. You may also begin wondering whether you even want to move in the first place! Well, here’s a list of things to ask before relocating for a new job.

How much time do I have to make my decision?

Do not hesitate to ask your potential employer this question! If you have not decided whether or not you will be relocating for a new job yet, it is essential to know precisely how much time you have to consider your options. Knowing the deadline would prevent the awkward situation of deciding you want the job only to learn it’s no longer available.


What is the cost of living?

Even small daily expenses can quickly add up, so be careful!

You will need to do some research to answer this question, but it will all pay off! It would be best to look into the cost of groceries, gas, bus tickets, etc. There’s no need to compare every little daily expense, but you definitely need to cover food, transportation, and utilities! You do not want to be awed by the salary your new employer is offering you only to discover most of it will be spent just to cover the bills! Doing this will also provide you insight into the local wages, so you will be able to negotiate a fair salary with your future employer.

Will the company help with moving or finding accommodation?

This is another vital question to ask your employer. Some companies cover plane tickets (if they are needed) and moving costs. Some have staff apartments or might offer discounts for leasing an apartment. Having help, no matter how minor, will help you to hit the ground running. It’s all the more critical if you are moving as a family! You want your kids to get settled into your new home as quickly as possible. Spending an eternity on finding accommodation and moving in would not help with that. At any rate, knowing whether you would have assistance with house hunting and moving is definitely important and will significantly impact the cost of relocating for a new job.

How much commuting is there?

A typical day in public transport.

Traveling between work and home is an integral part of your day. You need to know how long it takes and how much it costs to decide whether you should travel using public transport or get some kind of personal vehicle, be it a bike or a car. If you are not careful with your planning, you spend a significant portion of your paycheck on commuting to and from work! Similarly, if your commuting times coincide with the local rush hour, you need to ask your new colleagues for advice on how to avoid the busiest streets, or you might find yourself frequently late. That’s not the impression you want to leave on your employer!

Will my quality of life be affected?

You might be into music, art, or food. Or perhaps you like long walks and sunny weather. Others may be concerned with the quality of the local schools, playgrounds, and other factors affecting children. Your current city probably panders to these needs, but the place you will be moving to might not! Thus, it would be best to look into what the city you will be moving into has to offer and decide which of your current amenities you could live without.


What is the housing market like?

The first thing you might associate with this question is the price of renting and house purchases. However, while these are indeed important and you should do some research, it’s not the only aspect of house hunting you should look out for! You also need to look into the availability of houses for rent or sale. After all, even if the prices are generally very affordable, it will mean nothing if there is no house to purchase! You may also want to look into renovation or remodeling costs, especially if you want to design your home office or other rooms yourself. You don’t have to invest a lot to get good results if you are careful about laying out your plans.


How will my family be affected?

It is, of course, imperative that you consider how the move will affect your loved ones. These are crucial questions to consider:

  • Can your kids get used to a new school?
  • Is the official language of your new home different, and if yes, do your kids and spouse speak it?
  • Will your spouse be able to find a new job as well?
  • Will your kids have all their needs met in their new environment?
  • Does your new home have easy access to medical care facilities? (Especially important if you are moving to the countryside!!! You do not want to drive miles if your kid has a health emergency!)

However, if you are moving to another country or even continent, don’t forget your family and other close relatives. It is imperative if your parents are already in their twilight years and require regular care and assistance. You might feel uneasy leaving them and letting a stranger look after them.

Are the staff at your new job supportive?

Employees banding together.

No matter how well your move goes, it is impossible to settle in immediately! You will likely be late at least once, especially if you have to drop kids off at a new school. You will also probably be tired and lethargic for a while! Having the support and understanding of your colleagues is crucial if you want to stay in top shape during and after your move and feel comfortable in your new work environment. Otherwise, you might face quarrels and animosity from practically day one in your new company!

Final Word

We know starting your life in an entirely new city might seem intimidating. However, we are sure you will be able to manage! Just remember to plan appropriately. And don’t hesitate to both do your research and ask your employer about everything you need to move! We hope that our list of things to ask before relocating for a new job will help smooth the process at least a little.