Top places for expats to live in France

There are many great places for expats to live in France. Nonetheless, some are better than others. Let's go through them.

France is one of the most desirable places for all generations. Expats that want to experience a different culture, vibe, and charisma than those they’re used to will often turn to French cities. It’s full of all sorts of opportunities and hidden gems. It’s one of the rare places that’s kept their tradition proudly while managing to stay in style. In other words, it’s a true classic. After you have chosen the ideal location, all you will need to do is contact a trustworthy and competent moving company. To help you with your search, let’s dive into the world of top places for expats to live in France, for you may one day get to be one of them.

Why France

No matter how much the world’s been affected by French culture, fashion, and cuisine, this cannot be the only reason you want to relocate there and start your new life. Whether you are relocating due to professional opportunities or a pure wish for a change of scenery, you must have a personal reason, or it’ll all come crashing down sooner or later.

Here are some of the most typical reasons people move to France and stay there to make a living. Before you jump at the chance to get your tickets to Paris and flee, see if you might relate.

  • You’ll never be bored
    There are so many different things to do in France. Of course, it does somewhat depend on which one of the best places for expats you choose. However, you can always travel and visit any site you like at the weekends and your days off.
  • Reasonable workplaces
    No matter which French city you opt for, the following fact remains the same. Contrary to the US, France isn’t a place where people live to work; it’s one where they work to live. It means that you won’t have any issues taking days off and spending them by maintaining family values.
  • The climate
    A wonderful Mediterranean climate is rarely taken into consideration when browsing top places for expats to live in France. However, it’s an undeniable perk.
  • The food
    If we haven’t convinced you yet, we are about to. If you like aged cheese, good wine, and some great fresh produce, you’ll thrive in any one of France’s top places for expats.


You’ll hardly pass through any of these places without getting the best of the best when it comes to food and wine.

Wine and cheeses that are a staple for most places for expats to live in France.

For more information

Although you may have already made your decision, some additional information doesn’t hurt. Researching different sites to find the top places in France for expats might sound a bit unreliable. However, they are a great source of information. Also, this way you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary paperwork for relocation to France.

Top places for expats to live in France

Although there are plenty of magical places in France, some are better than others. Make sure to go through our choices and see if you like them as well.

Bordeaux, Aquitaine

If you’re looking for a place to move in with your family, Bordeaux, Aquitaine is the one for you. It has also been voted the French city to work in. It offers an excellent quality of life. Its primary way of getting from point A to point B is by bike, which is a great way to mix a healthy lifestyle and a busy one. Something that might be somewhat off-putting to some expats is the fact that Bordeaux locals aren’t as welcoming as they are in other places. But it has incredible food and many fabulous places where you can try it. Another characteristic that’s quite family-friendly is pretty low crime rates.

A nice view of Bordeaux, one of the top places for expats to live in France.

Toulouse, Haute-Garonne

For decades now, Toulouse has been one of the most favorite places for expats. If you lead a lifestyle that’s a bit freer and more fun-oriented, you’ve found your spot. Its nightlife is a vivacious one. There’s so much to do and so many ways to fill in your leisure time with quality activities. It’s also a place with a uniquely strong sense of community, and its location is really desirable.

Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur

Apart from the all-time favorite Paris, Nice is a place very few haven’t heard of. It’s a pretty safe place to live. Many appreciate this city because of its great mix of tradition and the modern world. Although it has a low crime rate and gives off family-suitable vibes, it’s far from boring. Many consider Nice to be one of the liveliest cities in all of Europe. You could say that it’s a golden middle between our first two choices.

Of all the cities for expats to live in France, Nice might be the one that has it all. Nice in France, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Moving internationally

If you’re considering an international move to France, that’s an exciting idea. However, be wary of the fact that it takes a lot of work. You’ll need to put in long hours and make a pretty big dent in your savings. One of the most significant responsibilities here will be finding reliable and trustworthy help. If you are American, luckily for you, in the States there are many such companies. You just have to know where and how to seek them out.

Hire suitable movers

Finding a competent moving company to move you to France is your primary objective. Though, it’s not that easy. You need to make sure that you’ve chosen correctly.

Choose wisely

Only after you’ve gone through some big steps to make sure you’re not making a mistake should you make your final choice. For instance, you should check if the moving company is insured, get the quotes, read through the reviews. You have to hire the right people so that you can enjoy your life in one of the top places for expats in France. is an excellent choice for those looking for reputable and respected companies, for they can provide you with all the necessary information before your final decision.


Well, these were some of the top places for expats to live in France. Although relocation is a serious undertaking, if this is the decision you have made, don’t forget to enjoy yourself during the process. And once you get there, have a lot of fun, because France can certainly provide in that department. Finally, don’t let your work take over and try to meet new people and soak in all the incredible culture.